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Learn with Play, 150+ Activities for Year-round Fun and Learning

One of my greatest sources of pride as a writer is being part of the Kid Blogger Network.

The KBN is a fantastic group of parents, grandparents, educators, and other care providers.
We are a passionate bunch and it shows in the effort we put into our children.
KBNers are well known worldwide as having some of the most creative and resourceful play ideas for kids.

So it just makes sense that we should write a book about play!

Myself and 93 other members of the Kid Blogger Network did just that, and here it is.

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Odd Squad

For those not in the know, Odd Squad is a fairly new tv show on PBS. The premise of the show is simple enough: an organization run by children which investigates odd occurrences. I didn’t expect it to be very good based on the previews but when I sat down and watched it with LittleMan, I was floored by awesomeness.

The show is essentially a sci-fi for children which also talks about basic math concepts.  Very geeky, very cool. Bonus: the main character is a strong, intelligent girl yet the show isn’t inherently “girly.” The characters are divided pretty evenly between boys and girls, with both genders having a silly character as well as several examples of brilliant characters. The online games for the show are a based off specific episodes and are a great way for children to practice the math concepts they learn about from watching the show.

I recently sat down and played each of the four Odd Squad games available to play for free on pbs.org. Below you can find my detailed reviews of each of these games including math concepts covered and age recommendations.

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Juggernaut: An Introduction to Minimates

Hello.  Today i am going to introduce you to a toy line, Minimates, distributed by Diamond Select Toys.  If you have read my previous guest post where LittleMan did a review, you have already seen what these toys look like.  For those that haven’t read that post, here is what a very basic Minimate looks like.

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