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Autobots, Androids, Artificial Intelligence, and other Robotics

When you think of robotics, it is easy to let your mind loose in a sci-fi fantasy of artificial intelligence that not only looks human but can also think for its self (and the reality is that we’re not impossibly far off from that), but for anyone just getting started it is better to think simpler. As the saying goes, you must learn to walk before you can run.

One of simplest types of robots is a vibrobot, which is primarily composed of a vibrating motor and a power source (ie battery). A vibrobot is the perfect first exploration into robots for any early elementary aged child, being that it is both simple to assemble as well as inexpensive.

We originally followed instructions to make BristleBots, however, instead of racing them as was recommended, we dipped ours in a bit of paint and used them to make art.
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BristleBots work best when made with wide head toothbrushes, and ours were apparently not wide enough as they were very top-heavy and kept falling over. (more…)

Math Fact Robots

I got the inspiration for this project from a tutorial on Instructables to make paper superheroes for math facts. The superheroes had a problem on their belly and you could pull their cape out to see the solution. The project was a bit advanced for LittleMan, so I decided to make my own version.  We just happen to be doing a robot theme week so we made math fact robots.

I started the night before by making a template for our robots. I envisioned something similar to Futurama’s Bender, with a door on the abdomen that could be opened to find the solution to the problem. I also wanted them to be easy to cut since I was going to be cutting quite a few of them.
Once I had my template the way I wanted it, I traced it onto sheets of construction paper and got to cutting a large stack of them for LittleMan.

This was how I presented the activity to LittleMan.
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