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Saturday Science: Static Electricity

I’m a big Marvel fan, in case you couldn’t tell by all the super hero references, comic books we read, and action figures we use in our activities. I’ve come to terms with the fact that as an adult who leads a fairly dull life, it is not likely that I’ll wake up one morning with newly developed mutant powers nor will I have some spectacular accident that affords me the gift to move things with my mind. However, thanks to science, I can pretend I’m that awesome and so can my children.
For this mind-blowing experiment, LittleMan needed only an inflated balloon, an empty soda can, and the hair on his head.
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Saturday Science: Air Pressure

With Easter being tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to do an egg-xperiment this week. I settled on the classic suck-an-egg-into-a-bottle experiment to demonstrate air pressure thinking it would be quick, easy, and fun. Instead LittleMan and I spent 3 hours attempting to figure out what we were doing wrong….and in the end we still couldn’t make it work!
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Saturday Science: Gravity

Back in January LittleMan and I read a library book about gravity. It started out by asking some basic questions: Which way do things fall? Have you ever seen something fall up? Then it leads children in a few easy experiments: Drop a key chain and penny at the same time, which hit the ground first? I unfortunately do not remember the name nor author of the book, I wish I did because it was brilliant and I’d love to recommend it to you.
Reading through the book just once was enough to get LittleMan curious about gravity and we’ve experimented with it several times since then.
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The wonderful thing about teaching the concept of gravity is that it requires very little as far as materials go, and generally most children have some idea of what gravity (falling) feels like. (more…)

Saturday Science: Surface Tension

I am so excited, this is my first week co-hosting Saturday Science. My fellow hosts are some wonderful bloggers and all-around great people (you can find links to their sites at the bottom of this post and I encourage you to stop by to say hi).

We’re starting things off with an experiment so simple, you could do it at a restaurant table while you wait for your meal!
All you need is a bowl or cup of water, some ground pepper, and soap. We tried 3 different types of soap (bar, foam, and gel) with the same results each time.
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