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Sight Word Hangman

One of the best ways to get children excited to learn is to make learning into a game.

They can never get enough sight word practice so any way we can work sight words into a game, the better. Sight word Candyland, sight word Jenga, sight word catch- you name it, we’ve added sight words to it.

Most recently we’ve been playing sight word hangman.

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Comic Book Sight Word Search

Like many geek homes with small children, we have a few old, tattered graphic novels and comic books and such laying about.

LittleMan can manage a level 1 or level 2 early reader on his own, sometimes even level 3 depending on the publisher’s standards of easy readers (every publisher is different), however he can’t quite manage these graphic novels on his own. Really, he just enjoys the art work and having us read it aloud to him.

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Sensory Sight Word Valentines Work

This was a rather simple yet very fun seasonal twist on our usual sight word work.

I started simply enough with a pink sheet of construction paper which I wrote on with a similar shade of pink crayon. I used simple words: red, pink, one, two, I, love, you, play, look, little, big, etc.. and I also drew several hearts onto the page.

I offered the construction paper on a tray with a few small containers and q-tips for painting.
Inside one container, plain water. Inside the other two containers 1 tablespoon of kool-aide mix with 1 tablespoon of water.

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Bee Themed Salt Tray in Action

For those who missed yesterday’s post, you can read all about our sight word bees, the fun game we play with them, and how they inspired this salt tray here (click).

I won’t bore you all with a narrative on how the salt tray was used but suffice it to say, LittleMan enjoyed it in multiple ways. I’ll share just a few action shots of his play and work below.

Sight Word Bee Writing Practice Salt Tray (1) (more…)

Sight Word Tree

I’ve been working with LittleMan on the Dolch sight word pre-primer list, however I’ve noticed many of the words he had memorized are not on the list. Simply high-frequency words in the books we read and family member’s names.
In an effort to try to keep track of the words he has learned and motivate him to keep practicing, we’ve built this sight word tree.
Sight Word Tree