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Using Peeps in your Homeschool History Lesson

Lately LittleMan has been really into studying Barnum Brown, the paleontologist who first unearthed tyrannosaurus. I wanted a way to bring history to life for him, outside of books and documentaries, so I thought it would be fun to build a diorama. While doing a bit of pre-project research, I found out that Peeps are a really popular diorama staple! LittleMan and I decided to take it a step further and make our diorama almost entirely out of edible items.

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Outdoor Small World Play Area

Small world play is an excellent tool in the development of well-rounded children. They act out stories they’ve read (or had read to them), they act out social situations and practice handling emotions, they make up their own stories and exercise their creative muscle.
Having an outdoor small world play area just adds to the benefits. The sensory experience of real plants and dirt, the fresh air and sun on their skin. No doubt about it an outdoor small world play area, or “fairy garden,” is a childhood must-have.

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Child-Directed Arctic Small World Play

Last week I took LittleMan and SunnyGirl to an indoor playground and we just happen to have ordered some crackers which were served to us in a Styrofoam bowl. At home the next day, LittleMan commented that the bowl looked an awful lot like a snow-cave and went off to grab his polar bear toy. Soon he enlisted my help by asking me to make some more ice for the polar bear’s home.
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7 Ideas for Small World Play

Small world play is an essential aspect of child development, an exercise in creativity, a chance to mirror recently learned social skills, and practice pre-reader/early literacy skills. Setting up opportunities for small world play can seem daunting but there are plenty of ideas that are simple to implement and fun for all.
7 Ideas for Small World Play from Suzy Homeschooler
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Paper Bag Village

I am extremely lucky that my husband is a very supportive man as well as a hands-on dad. Yesterday I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by my to-do list what with holiday prep, lesson planning, cleaning, and social obligations so he offered to take the children off my hands for a couple hours. He was even thoughtful enough to snap some pictures so I could see what they got up to while I was off doing my own thing.
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