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Wrapping Up Sports Theme Week and Ball Bounce Painting

We did a sports theme last week. Things were kinda hectic so I didn’t get around to posting much about it besides the gross motor games I shared.

There were some library books about how to play football and basketball.
One of those books came with a useful kindergarten-level vocabulary list in the back which became our copy work for a day.

There were word problems in math:
“If Jake gets 3 sacks in the first quarter and 2 sacks in the second quarter, how many sacks did Jake get? 3+2=?”

At one point I filled a jar with different types of mini sport balls and put a blindfold on LittleMan. We pulled one ball from the jar at a time and graphed what was pulled as we went.

We found free printable coloring pages of athletes with disabilities which we colored in while watching a wheel-chair basketball game on youtube and talking about the various ways people overcome physical set backs.

Of course I couldn’t let the whole week go by without finding some way to squeeze art in. I had hoped to make a football craft I found on Pinterest but LittleMan requested to re-hash an old favorite: ball bounce painting.

Ball Bounce Painting from Suzy Homeschooler (1) (more…)

Gross Motor Games for Learning

Combining gross motor activities with learning is something we strive to do on a regular basis. I’ve written before about our alphabet mat which is obviously a learning activity.
Literacy Practice for Boys from Suzy Homeschooler (5)
There are other gross motor games that can be used for learning, such as (more…)

Easy DIY Bow and Arrow Set

It is sports theme week here in the Homeschooler household, and while I haven’t managed to get any pictures (yet) to post about sight word ball and subtraction bowling, I thought I’d post about a little sporty craft we did last month: PVC and dowel rod archery set.
This project is ridiculously easy, you do not need a crafty bone in your body to put it together. Also it is cheap. We’re talking you can make three of these for under $10 cheap. Great craft for a playdate.

I read several online tutorials before we made ours, the tutorial I found with the best pictures is over at SkipToMyLou, so if you are interested in making your own be sure to check out her instructional photos.

Easy DIY Bow and Arrow set from Suzy Homeschooler (1) (more…)