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STEM Saturday: Free Printable Number Pattern Pages

LittleMan has been flying through the math work this year; mastered double digit addition and subtraction, addition and subtraction of negative numbers, started addition and subtraction of fractions, and even memorized a large portion of the multiplication tables. Try as I might to slow him down and have him practice what he’s learned, LittleMan gets bored of reviewing the basics after he feels he grasps them well enough to move on.

Now I’m not usually a fan of worksheet math, preferring to give more hands-on “real world” opportunities to practice what he’s learned. That said, I found that it saved a lot of time and headaches to hand LittleMan some basic worksheets that highlight the patterns in the math facts he’s learned already.

Each worksheet focuses on one number (0-12) and includes basic addition, subtraction, negative numbers, and multiplication. I wouldn’t advise these worksheets for a child who is still learning these skills, but as a review tool, they are quick and convenient.

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STEM Saturday: Fractions

A big part of the geek culture is STEM- that is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Most every geek is obsessed with one or more STEM topics. So it is important to us geeks to raise children who are well-versed in and passionate about STEM subjects. That means finding hands-on ways for them to practice and learn.

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A-Z STEM Saturday, B is for Building Bridges

Through out this month of January, I will be participating in a collaborative series with 53 other bloggers organized by Little Bins for Little Hands to bring you the A-Z of STEM subjects. While this A-Z STEM series is happening, we also still have our weekly STEM Saturday linky party! This week we’ll be combining the two with a STEM post about building bridges.

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STEM Saturday: When You Suck at STEM

Every Saturday I attempt to write about some sort of STEM related activity in the hopes that I’ll give you, my fantastic readers, ideas for fun ways to teach your children about these crucial subjects. I’ve covered concepts such as centrifugal force and Newton’s laws of motion. I’ve done projects that require a bit of forethought, such as when we made our own robots, and I’ve done projects that can be done on the fly, like our talks about gravity. No doubt, we’ve made an effort to connect with STEM subjects in our day to day lives. One might get the impression that I’m good at STEM subjects, or that I at least have a basic understanding of STEM subjects.

STEM When you suck at STEM

If you assumed that then I apologize for misleading you, allow me to set the record straight: I suck at STEM. (more…)

Roominate Studio Review

Disclosure: I was sent a Roominate Studio play set to write this review. All thoughts offered in this review are my own.

As most parents know, getting more girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is a hot button issue right now. The need for females in these fields of study is obvious, the path to getting more women scientists and women engineers is less obvious. Many newer products are trying to entice the younger generation’s interest with STEM toys which are specially designed to appeal to young girls. One such product is the Roominate Studio, just one of several Roominate play sets on the market today. Roominate was designed by two female engineers, you can read more about how their product came to be on their website.

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