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The 30 Day Unschool Challenge Book

The 30 Day Unschool Challenge Book


Last year I made a change in our homeschool.
LittleMan wasn’t thriving anymore and he needed the freedom and power that comes with leading his own education. So I stopped planning his lessons and I stopped telling him what he needed to learn. Instead I worked with him to develop an unschool approach that would ensure he and I were both satisfied with his education.


With each small change we made, we instantly felt happier and more excited about homeschooling.
Soon friends started noticing the changes in our attitudes and our learning styles.
We were asked, “How did you do it? How did you make the switch to unschooling?”
So I thought back over the past year and all the little changes we made, and I consolidated all my methods into one 30 day workshop. (more…)

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***  The 30 Day Unschool Challenge Workshop is closed.
Check out The 30 Day Unschool Challenge Book, based off the workshop.  ***


“How do you unschool?”

This is a question I hear quite frequently. Overwhelmed homeschool parents who feel stifled by their boxed curriculum often look to unschooling as a possible solution to their everyday battles against the lesson plan. Frustrated public school parents who want more freedom for their children and their family also tend to see unschooling as an appealing route. But how does one unschool?

How do you know you’re doing it the “right way?”
How do ensure that your children are learning and growing and thriving in their unschool lives?


If you’re new to unschooling, and you’re not quite certain that its working for your children, you might wonder if there is something you could be doing differently. Something to help them get on or stay on the right educational path.

Whatever your situation is, you’re not alone in it.
There are countless American moms and dads just like you, struggling to figure out what to do for their children. We all want what is best for our children, but with each child having unique individual needs, what is best can be difficult to determine.


That’s why I’m here to help.
I was once the nervous new unschooling parent. I remember the worry that I wasn’t doing enough, that my children would never learn everything they needed to learn.
My family found its way and our unschooling experience has turned out to be wholly positive. Yours can be too!

30 Day Unschool Challenge, a FREE workshop from Suzy Homeschooler, July 2016 (2)