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STEM Saturday: Sledding with Newton’s Laws

Ever since the first bit of powder hit the ground, my children have been unable to go day without sledding down the hill in our backyard at least once, if not continually for several hours. But all this outdoor play, all this connection with nature, it isn’t just physical exercise. And it isn’t just good for morale either. It is a true opportunity for hands-on learning.
You see, children are better able to grasp new concepts when they have experienced them first hand.
And sledding just happens to be an excellent way to experience Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Sledding with Newton's Laws


Free Printable Harry Potter Paper Snowflake Templates

Winter is upon us. LittleMan and SunnyGirl have been enjoying sledding down the small hill in our backyard and there is talk of putting up the Christmas tree soon.
One of my favorite classic winter decorations is the humble paper snowflake. A great exercise in creativity, an excellent way to study symmetry and early multiplication, as well as being fun fine motor practice. For the little ones, a simple circle with some triangles and diamonds cut out is wonderful, but the older we get the more complex our designs tend to become. This year I decided to take a little extra time and design our snowflakes after some of the symbols we find in the Harry Potter universe. It took a bit of time but I’ve made my designs into a simple template so that all you Potterheads can recreate these snowflakes to decorate your own windows at home with.
Harry Potter Paper Snowflake Free Printable Templates (9) (more…)

Winter Sensory Bin

Autumn was sure short in our neck of the woods. Feels like we barely had 3 weeks between t-shirt weather and snow.
The other day I spied these cute little ceramic houses for “Christmas town” at Dollar Tree. I picked up the train station, coffee shop, toy shop, bridge, and gazebo but there were about  dozen other pieces in their Christmas town set from people and homes to ponds and snowmen. While I was at Dollar Tree I also picked up a 3 pack of Ivory soap bars.

I used a cheese grater to grate the soap into fake snow then arranged the ceramic houses in a sensory bin.
Winter Sensory Bin (1) (more…)