Teaching Art to a Comic Book Geek

Today was our first day of our “famous art” theme week and we mostly focused on Vincent van Gogh. We talked about how colors illicit emotions from us, how often an artist will paint what they feel rather than what they see, we examined images of van Gogh’s paintings, we painted coloring pages of Cypresses and Starry Night, and we read two books, one about van Gogh’s life and the other about the art of self portraits in general. All in all, it was a really fun and productive day!

While reading our book about self portraits, we came across the names of several other artists, one of whom was Leonardo da Vinci. LittleMan’s eyes lit up, he instantly recognized the name as the artist for which one of the ninja turtles was named for.
In that moment it dawned on me that I was missing out on a wonderful opportunity to connect his studies with something really meaningful to him: comic books.

So, with some input from LittleMan, I put together a few printable worksheets and nomenclature cards.
TMNT vs Renaissance Artists from Suzy Homeschooler (2)
He asked to do one of the worksheets tonight but we’re saving the rest for tomorrow morning.
TMNT vs Renaissance Artists from Suzy Homeschooler (1)


Click the following link for your own free printable copy of TMNT vs Renaissance Artists worksheets and cards.

I just threw these together really quick on the spot so they aren’t as in depth as I would like. I am attempting to put together a more comprehensive comic book study for LittleMan, and when it is finished I’ll upload that as a free printable as well.

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