The Benefits of Being Bored Outdoors

Welcome back for another installment of our collaborative toddler series. This week Kristan, of Munchkin and Bean, and I are talking all about toddlers in nature!

If you look through this site enough, see all the fun activities we do, then you might get the wrong idea about my children CONSTANTLY having something to do, some activity planned out for them. What I don’t often take the time to show is what my kids do when left to their own devices, and I should share that because it is crucial to their development.
The Benefits of Being Bored Outdoors (4)
There is this trend in parenting right now to schedule children’s days and and lead them in lives jam-packed full of force-fed learning.
The Benefits of Being Bored Outdoors (3)
I don’t do that.
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I believe in the more natural approach and allow my children to have a lot of down time. The majority of their day is spent playing however they choose to play.
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And a large portion of our lives are lived outside.
The Benefits of Being Bored Outdoors
Regardless of the weather.
The Benefits of Being Bored Outdoors (2)
And the result?
My children are physically fit from all their self-directed exercise.
They are confident in their abilities from all their running, climbing, jumping, even their falling and getting back up.
They have a varied vocabulary from discussing their outdoor discoveries and they have a firm grasp of the meaning behind their words because of their hands-on experiences.
Most importantly, they are generally happy.
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Before I spend money on toys, before I spend time planning an activity, I like to take a minute and assess, is this something that will really benefit my children? Or might they be better off being bored outdoors? Often times the latter is the right choice for our family.


Be sure to hop on over to Munchkin and Bean to check out their super simple and fun nature activities for toddlers!
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