The Grossest Sensory Bin I’ve Ever Created

LittleMan asked to learn about cats this week and I wanted to give him sensory bin to go compliment the things we were discussing.
First I thought maybe a sort of small world bin with playdough and plastic toy cats.
Then I thought I’d use dry kibble as a base, mix in some felt mice cat toys, and barrow one of our cat’s bowls.
But then my mind took a turn down a different path and, before I knew it, I was assembling the grossest sensory bin I’ve ever created.

The Grossest Sensory Bin I've Ever Created from Suzy Homeschooler

Don’t be alarmed. It is clean, unused cat litter. Those brown things are wooden beads strung on pipe cleaners. Even the scoop is brand new, never used.
But still….how gross is this thing?!
LittleMan loves it though. Being the average 4 year old boy he thinks all rude things such as farting, burping, and toilet matters are just hilarious. For the most part we’ve discouraged him and he’s done really well to only discuss poop in a matter-of-fact way. So much so that even when it must be talked about, he doesn’t say “poop,” he says “bm.”
The look on his face when I green-lighted poop jokes for an afternoon and handed him a bin full of fake cat poop was PRICELESS.
He giggled uncontrollably while he buried the fake poop with his hands and used the scoop to scoop it out over and over again.

Side note: If you happen to use cat litter as a base for a sensory bin, make sure you put the lid on it when you’re not in the room. It should be common sense but your pet cat isn’t going to know the difference between litter he’s supposed to use and litter he’s not supposed to use.

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