To Homeschool does NOT mean to Abuse

This morning, as I do most every morning, I turned on my computer and clicked on Google Chrome and brought up the various news and social media sites that plug me in with the rest of the world. Tab after tab of my browser showed startling headlines.
Apparently yet another child abuser has labelled themselves a “homeschooler” and, in doing so, has given homeschool skeptics more ammunition for their arsenal.
This has not the first time it has happened.
And, unfortunately, I highly doubt it will be the last.
Just as the entire Catholic church had to defend itself when approximately 2% of their priests had sexually abused children and another 2% of their clergy helped to cover the abuse up.
Just as the entire¬†15,000,000 members of the Mormon church had to defend themselves when 700 cult members who identified as “Fundamentalist Mormons” were found guilty of stealing children’s innocence by way of child brides and forced marriages.
Now we homeschoolers must defend ourselves against the idea that homeschooling is a way of hiding child abuse.
Homeschooled does NOT mean Abused
There are about 2 million homeschool families in the U.S.
We are growing in numbers EVERY. DAY.
Most of us homeschooling parents are typical, average parents. We try our best, we make mistakes, we love our children. We’re not any different from the public school parents, really!
So why does the media feel the need to point out the child was homeschooled in the title of their article?
I for one have never seen a news article title that read “Abused Child Attended Local Public School.”
I’ve also never seen a news article question the entirety of the public school education system whenever a public school child is victimized by a parent or teacher.
Perhaps it is the idea that because a child is “homeschooled” they are some how cut off from society therefore the abuse is easier to hide.
True homeschoolers know that a homeschool life is in no way a life of isolation. We have co-ops, book clubs, sports teams, nature study groups, play dates with other homeschoolers, extended family to visit, neighborhood friends to play at the park with- and thats just the tip of the iceberg!
Are there some abusive parents who happen to homeschool? Yes, of course. Just like there are some abusive parents who happen to send their children to public and private schools.
These child abusers are NOT the majority and their actions should not define homeschoolers as a whole.
Statistically speaking, homeschoolers have proven themselves time and time again. We’re not perfect parents, no one is, but we try our best.
Generally speaking, the majority of homeschool children thrive both socially and academically. If you don’t believe me, here is a quick break down of the numbers:
Homeschool Domination
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So with all this in mind, here are some suggested news article titles that might be a more accurate depiction of homeschooling:
12 Y/O Attends College Classes, Still Plays with Friends!
Theodore Roosevelt was Homeschooled!
Popular Homeschool Mom-Blog written by Mother of Olympic Athletes!
Or, if you want to get to the seedy under-belly of homeschooling, try this one:
Former Public School Graduate Breaks Cycle of Abuse, Homeschools Children in Safe and Loving Environment

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2 Comments to To Homeschool does NOT mean to Abuse

  1. Karyn says:

    Great post! This has always bothered me, too. Thanks for sticking up for the homeschool community!

  2. Amen, sister! Preach. There was a local news story that just hit the news where I live. People were going on and on about how the abused boy was pulled out of school to be homeschooled. Many assumed that was to cover up the abuse and going on about how homeschooling should be eradicated. Um, excuse me, do they even realize how many kids are in public school who are abused daily and the teachers or administrators never report it because they fear for their jobs? Abuse can happen anywhere at any time. Most parents want the best for their kids and try very hard to give them all that they need, shelter, food, clothing, AND an education. My boys are wonderful examples of how awesome home education can truly be.

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