Tot School Phonics Activity

SunnyGirl loves to play with big brother’s school supplies. This is one of those times when digging through LittleMan’s literacy supply drawer wonder resulted in using old materials in new ways.
Tot School Phonics Activity
These spoons were originally made for a Magic Spoon activity in which the spoon becomes the first letter of a word that the child sounds out. This was a fun kindergarten activity that LittleMan enjoyed last year. To see the details (and get the free printable for the activity) visit Teacher Bits and Bobs.
Tot School Phonics Practice (11)
I bought the plastic spoons for $1 and then a pack of alphabet stickers for $1. Add the stickers to the spoons, you’ll probably have left over supplies of both.
I stored the 26 alphabet spoons in an old Crystal Light container and found it to be the perfect size.
Tot School Phonics Practice (8)
This wasn’t a planned activity, SunnyGirl just saw them and started playing with them. On a whim I picked one up and balanced it on my nose and started making the sound of the letter that was balanced on my nose.
SunnyGirl thought it was hilarious and immediately took the spoon off my nose and started to imitate me.
Tot School Phonics Practice (5)
Actually balancing the spoon on her nose proved to be a bit too difficult for her so she merely held it up, but she did accurately imitate the letter sounds. This proved to be one of the few activities SunnyGirl deemed fun enough to sit still for so we included it in her toilet-training activity bin, and by day two of toilet training she had nearly all the letters and their sounds memorized!
Tot School Phonics Practice (4)
I noticed when I had the spoon balanced on my nose, this brought SunnyGirl’s attention to my face and she got a better look at the form my mouth made for each letter sound. This increased attention to the form of the mouth has resulted in improved pronunciation of the phonetic sounds for each letter.



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