Tour the World by Flower: Michigan

Today I am excited to join up with Play Ground Park Bench and a great group of bloggers to present to you a world-wide tour by flower.


Since I currently live in Michigan, I present you with the elegant yet simple apple blossom. The apple blossom is the official state flower of Michigan, to learn about the official wild flower of Michigan you’ll have to visit Betsy’s Photography.

Or better yet, view the entire world by flower at Play Ground Park Bench!
Every flower talked about comes with its own kiddie craft you can do! 

Apple Blossom Playdough Craft (2)

For this craft you’ll want to download my Free Printable Apple Blossom pack, and make yourself some white or pink playdough.

Slip the blank tree page of the printable pack into a plastic page protector OR laminate it if you prefer.

Then show your child how each apple blossom is comprised of 5 small petals, so they’ll need to make 5 small balls of playdough for each flower.

Apple Blossom Playdough Craft (3)

Arrange the flowers all over the tree.

Apple Blossom Playdough Craft (1)

Its not just fun, its an excellent fine motor exercise as well.

Apple Blossom Playdough Craft (4)

Be sure to head on over to Play Ground Park Bench for the full Tour the World by Flower experience. Or follow the Tour the World Pinterest board!

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3 Comments to Tour the World by Flower: Michigan

  1. Meghan says:

    Love it! Thanks so much for participating.

  2. Betsy Finn says:

    How fun! We’ll have to do this next time we get out our playdough!

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