Avengers Age of Ultron is set to release in about a month. In celebration, LittleMan and I are doing a lot of talking about robots.

U is for Ultron (1) 

Last year we made our own simple robots, called vibrobots, from cups, small vibrating motors, and coin batteries. This year we decided to revisit the vibrobot project, only instead of cups we used LEGOs. LittleMan taped a wooden U to the front for Ultron.

U is for Ultron (6)

In the Marvel Universe, Ultron is a form of artificial intelligence created by Hank Pym, or Antman/Giantman. Despite the fact that Hank Pym is a good guy who fights as an Avenger, his creation turns evil and threatens our world as we know it. Obviously we don’t have the technology to create a more accurate Ultron, but a vibrobot is a simple robot that even a preschooler can make with minimal parental aid.

Whether you’re using a cup or a toothbrush head or a small LEGO structure as the base of your vibrobot, all you need to do is attach the motor.

Then put some double-sided tape down and attach one of the wires to the base.

U is for Ultron (2)

Then attach the battery to the base, making sure that one side of the battery touches the wire you’ve just placed.

U is for Ultron (4)

Make sure your motor is secure to the base before you keep going. Once the next step is done, the whole thing is going to start vibrating and anything not secure will likely fall off.

Finally, tape the second wire to the other side of the battery and watch it go!

U is for Ultron (5)

 This post has been part of The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings series.

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