Unicorns, Griffons, and Greek Mythology

I loved greek mythology as a child and I have been very excited to share that passion with my children. Right now we are reading the Harry Potter books as a family and Forks, the phoenix, caught LittleMan’s attention so I made this little craft to  spark conversation with him about the myth of the phoenix. For those who are unaware, a phoenix is said to always be male and to live 500 years. When a phoenix dies, it bursts into flames and new phoenix rises from the ashes. The new phoenix is then said to carry its father’s ashes into the sun.
Phoenix Pinata
It was pretty easy to make and we had everything we needed to make it just laying around the house already. For the base of the pinata I used an empty carton. I grabbed some red duct tape and popsicle sticks from our craft supply stash. The tissue paper (various shades of red, gold, and purple) was left over from a recent birthday party.
Pinata Tut1
I started out by folding the tissue paper flat and cutting it into feathers. Then I ripped pieces of duct tape and lined the tissue-paper feathers along the edge of it.
Pinata Tut2
I wrapped the duct tape and feathers around the empty carton, working my way up.
Pinata Tut3
When I got to the top I covered the entire head with red duct tape, drew on eyes with Sharpie marker, and added a orange paper beak.
Pinata Tut5
I stuffed the inside of the pinata with red foil shred (from our sensory supply stash) and a tiny baby phoenix made from a ball of duct tape and some extra paper scraps.
Pinata Tut4
The idea is that the red foil shred represents fire. When the phoenix is broken open (as all pinatas eventually are), the fake fire will burst forth from it and while the “father phoenix” will be destroyed, a new phoenix will take his place.

With the left over tissue paper, I put out a gluing activity for SunnyGirl. I simply drew a bird onto a piece of construction paper and left it out with a couple glue sticks and a bowl of the tissue scraps. It wasn’t long before she got to work.
Phoenix Craft

This post has been part of The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings series.

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