Using Fairies to Teach Colors and Shapes

(This post discusses a child nicknamed “Tink” as well as her favorite character “Tinker Bell.” Because of the similarities between the two names, it could get confusing.)

After seeing how using Tinker Bell made Tink so eager to learn, I came up with these simple activities to review colors and teach shapes.

For colors I simply printed out 6 of the same Tinker Bell coloring page and told the story of how Tinker Bell needed help to find the perfect dress for her party. We helped Tinker Bell find the perfect dress by helping her “try on” different colored dresses (ie coloring in the pages with different colors). For each dress I’d have Tink find the crayon color herself and talk to her about all the things that were that color while she worked on coloring in the dress. After she finished each dress we’d talk about how beautiful it was and how she did such a great job, but Tinker Bell is kind of a picky fairy and she wanted to try a different color just to make sure she found the perfect dress. In the end Tinker Bell had “tried on” 6 different color dresses and decided she loved blue the best so she would wear the blue dress to the party. Tinker Bell thanked Tink for all her help.
I was concerned that Tink may become discouraged or hurt that her favorite fairy didn’t love the first dress she colored in. After all 6 different costume changes is a lot. But to my relief Tink didn’t feel discouraged or rejected, she was just excited to be playing pretend.

For shapes I created fairies whom we referred to as Tinker Bell’s cousins.
Shape Fairies from Suzy Homemaker (1)
The fairies were made similar in a similar style as the clothes peg dolls I’ve previously posted about except that the dress was drawn on with Sharpie instead of made of fabric, also the wings are shapes cut from construction paper.
Shape Fairies from Suzy Homemaker (2)
I made several other construction paper cut outs in the shapes the fairies represented. Then I told a story of how these 3 sisters were very distraught over their messy shared bedroom and how if someone could help them sort out their belongings they would very much appreciate it. Tink was all too eager to help her fairy friends.
Shape Fairies from Suzy Homemaker (3)
The shapes were different sizes and while sorting by shape, I also encouraged Tink to order them by size as well. I was pleased at how quickly she caught onto the word “medium” since at the start of the activity she wasn’t sure what to the call the piece that wasn’t the biggest nor the smallest.

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