Using Our First Early Readers

We took the plunge and started LittleMan on his first early readers. He’d been playing around with our Dr Seuss collection and working on small individual words. It felt like the next natural step. Right now he’s mostly still mirroring us, learning how to sound out words.

There are some words he recognizes without sounding them out. Oddly enough they are not common sight words like “on” or “the,” the words he can recognize without sounding them out are mostly names. His own name. Names of favorite superheroes, such as Spiderman. Also sound-words which are popular in comic books, such as “pow.”
At first I thought it was because an item was associated with that superhero, or because he recognized the font that the name was written in. Then I wrote them down in my own handwriting and without saying a word showed the paper to him. He recognized the words and immediately read them off to me. Guess all those comic books we’ve been reading together are finally paying off.

Using Free Printable Early Readers, Suzy Homeschooler (1)

In any case, LittleMan was excited about these books. He loved the wacky animal characters, loved the activities they did such as play baseball and bake.
Now, you can pay to buy full color pre-made books OR you can do what we did and print out the black and white version for free. There are 15 books in the series, we just printed out the first 5 for now. All 15 books can be found at the following link [click here.] LittleMan got over excited helping me to sort and bind the pages together. Then we got out his special pointer (just a googly eye glued onto a popsicle stick) and sat together for a good read.
I love that he wanted to read every book twice and had to pretty much be pried away from them at lunch time. He might not be a reader just yet but I can see the passion in him, not unlike many family members who’ve come before him.

Using Free Printable Early Readers, Suzy Homeschooler (2)

As a child I remember tucking away into a book, hearing that dreaded knock at my door, “its bedtime,” and pleading “just let me finish this chapter?” My folks could never say no to such a request but sure enough the chapter would end on a cliff hanger and I’d be driven to just peak at what happened next…I woke up many mornings with an open book still in my hands.
My uncle often told of how he’d used a handheld mirror to shine the moonlight from his open window onto a book page in the dead of night.
My husband, Marmaduke, claims he was also quite the bookworm as a child. Now a married man with children, he [and I] can often be found with our two children perched in lap gazing at the pages, listening to any number of beautiful stories. Right now we’re finishing up the last book in the How to Train Your Dragon series and all of us are so excited to see how it ends. Maybe someday LittleMan will want to go back and re-read those stories again, but for now we’re stumbling our way through The Foot Book and Zac the Rat.



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