Vikings, Venomous Vorpents, and other inhabitants of the Isle of Berk

If you don’t already know, the Isle of Berk is the setting in which our family’s favorite book series takes place: How to Train Your Dragon. These stories are simply fantastic, I can’t say enough good about them. We started reading them aloud as family about 2 years ago and all of us- from middle aged husband to my toddler daughter- thoroughly enjoyed the action packed yet thought provoking tales of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third and his tiny dragon, Toothless. In fact we’ve read the books several times each at this point, and listened to the audio books more times than I could care to count as well. So needless to say, being such fans of HTTYD, dragons are a source of interest for my children. I’d go so far as to say dragons are a source of motivation for LittleMan and SunnyGirl. Which is what inspired this activity.
V is for Venomous Vorpent, Suzy Homeschooler1
In the books, the dragons love fish. They have to eat a variety of things, wood included, but fresh fish is one of their favorite meals. So I created this -ish fish words vs nonsense printable (click here for your free download), which is basically fish shapes with -ish words written on them. Some of the words are real, some are just nonsense.
V is for Venomous Vorpent, Suzy Homeschooler3
We set up two of our toy dragons and appointed them the “real words” dragon and the “nonsense” dragon. The real words dragon will only eat real words and the nonsense dragon will only eat nonsense.
V is for Venomous Vorpent, Suzy Homeschooler2
Then I put out a bowl with fish. To make things a little more fun, I cut out the fish, then laminated them and cut them out again, making sure there was a thick seal of lamination around the paper fish so that they could be used in water.

In the end we had some very well-fed fish and as well as a pleased kindergartner.
V is for Venomous Vorpent, Suzy Homeschooler5

This post has been part of The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings series.

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1 Comment to Vikings, Venomous Vorpents, and other inhabitants of the Isle of Berk

  1. Allisson Reed says:

    This seems like a can’t miss idea. I will have to have four dragons (which of course is not an issue, since we have about 10 HTTYD dragons). I’m thinking this will help my son who is “guessing” instead of “reading”. I think this will take the pressure off of him.

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