Water Bead Math

Normally when we do our addition and subtraction work, we use glass gems as our counters. For a fun change of pace, we used water beads the other day. Funny how something so simple, seemingly unimportant, made LittleMan excited to do his basic addition practice.
Water Bead Math from Suzy Homeschooler
I simply laid out a tray of small plastic cups, each with an addition problem written on the outside, along with a bowl of water beads and a small spoon. LittleMan figured out the answer to each problem, and put the correct number of water beads into each cup as he went.
There was an added difficulty in moving the water beads. Mostly he scooped them with a small spoon (great fine motor practice, they are slippery little things) but after awhile he dug his hand in the bowl and enjoyed feeling them on his skin.
Water Bead Math
Best of all, he has mastered 1-12 of 1+ and 2+, and is excited to move on to mastering the 1-12 of 3+ and 4+!


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