Wild Kratts Birthday Party Favors and Free Printable

One of the many fun aspects of throwing a children’s party is deciding on the guests’ party favors. These little trinkets and toys that they take home are not just a memento of the fun they’ve had at the party, but also a way of continuing the fun at home.
I like to think I’ve got a good track record, from my “Oh, the Thinks You Can Think” Kit at our Dr Suess party to my Sugar Skull Dolls at our Halloween party.

My latest party favor idea, for our Wild Kratts birthday party, has to be one of my all time favorites.

Wild Kratts Party Favors (1)

It all starts with a simple Chinese food take-out box. I wanted to do half the boxes in green, and half the boxes in blue. Usually my local Party City carries these items. Unfortunately they were sold out so I had to make my own.

Making your own Chinese food take-out box is super simple. All you need is poster board in your desired color (I used green and blue), a pencil, a template (you can download templates for free online, or if you happen to have a Chinese food take-out box handy, you can dismantle it and use it as your template), scissors, and tape.

Wild Kratts Party Favors (8)

First lay your template (I used a dismantled Chinese food take-out box) down on your poster board and trace it with pencil.

Wild Kratts Party Favors (5)

Then using scissors, carefully cut along your pencil line.

Wild Kratts Party Favors (6)

Fold the poster board in the appropriate areas (refer to your template as a reference), and tape it together on the inside.

Wild Kratts Party Favors (7)

Once you’ve made your boxes, you’ll want a label for them.

Wild Kratts Party Favors (9)

I created these party favor labels so the front looks like a Creature Power Suit vest and the back reads, “Thanks for coming to my party!”

Wild Kratts Party Favors (2)

You can download your copy of our Free Printable Wild Kratts Party Favor Labels by clicking here. They are made to fit a standard sized Chinese food take-out box so whether you buy yours from a store or make your own boxes at home, they should fit just fine.

Wild Kratts Party Favors (3)

Inside the boxes I kept to the blue/green color scheme.

Wild Kratts Party Favors (4)

Every box has a pair of Creature Power Gloves, a few plastic animals, a couple animal tattoos, a balloon*, a party popper*, and some chocolate creature power disks*.

Wild Kratts Party Favors (11)

The chocolate creature power disks are made from green and blue chocolate coins with printed out images of creature power disks attached to them. Its so simple but my children think its the most clever thing they’ve ever seen!

Wild Kratts Party Favors (10)

Be sure to be on the look-out for more Wild Kratts posts the rest of the month as we celebrate a Wild Kratts birthday. There will be sensory play, a free printable, and yes we will even be making our own live-size Tortuga!


*Use your common sense when filling your party favor boxes. Party poppers are only to be used by older children under adult supervision. Balloons are a choking hazard for younger children. Some people are allergic to chocolate. Know your guests, know whether or not the item is safe for them, and if you have any doubts either don’t put it in the box OR give the parent the box first so they can remove anything they see as unfit.
The boxes shown above are my party favors for the older children. We do have a couple of toddlers in attendance and they will be receiving special age-appropriate party favors.


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3 Comments to Wild Kratts Birthday Party Favors and Free Printable

  1. ChristyM says:

    My kids are crazy about Wild Cratts right now, but these are the first activities I have seen. Great ideas!

  2. Wow, you are a super Mom. My party favors are bags from the Dollar store with the contents from the Dollar store as well 🙂

    • suzyhomeschooler says:

      Every mom has something they excel at and something they suck at. I like planning kid’s parties so I go all out. There are other areas that I could improve in….punctuality, time management, healthy meal preparation, and staying on top of the laundry are just a few of the things that are my kryptonite.

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