Winnie -the- Pooh Lapbook

Our Winnie -the- Pooh unit has come to a close and, while there hasn’t been much mention of it here on the blog, LittleMan has been working hard at it everyday for almost a week. Our story times have been filled with the classic A. A. Milne chapter books about a small boy and his stuffed bear. And our lessons have been focused on completing a free printable preschool pack from 123Homeschool4Me. This pack was fantastic, it really did cover everything and was fun to complete. It will take a bit of ink to print but I considered it well worth it. There was graphing, tracing, counting, beginner phonics, early addition- I highly recommend this pack!

LittleMan, however, had enjoyed making his butterfly lapbook so much that he was distraught that we wouldn’t be making another lapbook. I’m a firm believer that its HIS education so he should be allowed a say….so I looked for ways to make a Pooh lapbook with him.
It turned out that several of the worksheets in the preschool pack were just right for making mini books and file folder games!

Winnie -the- Pooh Lapbook from Suzy Homeschooler (1)
I cut a portion from one of the tracing worksheets to make the cover.

Winnie -the- Pooh Lapbook from Suzy Homeschooler (2)
Inside the front flap I cut two of the other tracing worksheets to make mini books, one of characters and the other of colors.
Winnie -the- Pooh Lapbook from Suzy Homeschooler (3)
Next to those two mini books I made a pocket out of duct tape to hold puzzle pieces.
Winnie -the- Pooh Lapbook from Suzy Homeschooler (4)
In the center I stapled all loose worksheets together into a large packet. Then I used duct tape to bind that packet of worksheets to the file folder. If you turn all those pages over you’ll find a shapes/size sorting game and a mini book about seasons. The game pieces are all laminated and have velcro to hold them to the board. When not in use the game pieces can be stored in the baggie below the game.
On the right flap there is a rather large blank spot which bothers me slightly but I just couldn’t think of anything to put there. Below the rather large blank spot is a simple mini book we made from the opposites page of the printable pack.
Winnie -the- Pooh Lapbook from Suzy Homeschooler (5)
On the back of the lapbook is a baggie to hold laminated pieces for patterning or playing memory.

All in all its been a fun week. I enjoyed Winnie -the- Pooh as a child and its great to see my children enjoying the stories as much as I did.

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