I love comic books. They’ve been a wonderful asset when encouraging LittleMan to read. But before he could handle the complex sentences and longer words, he had to start with the very basics. Here’s one activity that was most useful for our reluctant reader.

X is for Xmen a read and act it out activity 


In order to do this read and act-it-out activity, you’ll need some action figures. Luckily, LittleMan had a stash of Super Hero Squad figurines that he had grown out of playing; this activity was an excellent means of breathing new life into an old toy.

If your child is 18-months to 5 years and a fan of superheroes, then I do recommend Super Hero Squad action figures. They are an excellent, durable play toy. LittleMan played with his literally everyday for over 3 years before starting his LEGO Mini Figure collection and passing his Super Hero Squad figures onto his little sister.

But back to the activity. It is pretty straight forward, I simply wrote out the names of a few characters on a sheet of paper. LittleMan would sound out the names and match them to an action figure.

X is for Xmen (2)

Then I would use those same names to write a simple sentence, which LittleMan would then read and act out with the action figures.

X is for Xmen (3)

Be forewarned that if you write a sentence about a fight, you will have to wait several minutes while your child acts out an entire battle scene.

X is for Xmen (4) X is for Xmen (5)

 This post has been part of The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings series.

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