SunnyGirl has finally mastered her colors, so this will probably be the last color matching activity I ever prepare. I wanted to end this stage of her learning with a bit of a bang so I called upon our favorite video game character, Yoshi.

Y is for Yoshi 

In order to create this game I used some white plastic Easter eggs, Sharpie permanent markers in a variety of colors, colored pencils, and this Free Printable Miniature Yoshis (click here to download).

First use the Sharpie markers to draw colored spots onto the plastic Easter eggs.

Y is for Yoshi (2)

Then use color pencils to color in the miniature Yoshis so that they match the eggs.

Y is for Yoshi (3)

Finally, mix the Yoshis up and challenge your child to match the Yoshis to their eggs.

If you don’t have white plastic Easter eggs handy then you could just as easily print out two copies of the Yoshi outlines and color them to become a matching game, or a DIY memory game.

Y is for Yoshi (1)

This post has been part of The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings series.



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