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Homeschooling. It’s the subject of hot debate at the moment. To homeschool or not to homeschool. That is the question!

It is estimated that there are around 3.7 million homeschooled students in the USA today. With many concerned parents choosing this option due to doubts about the school environment, whether it is best for their child, or because of religious beliefs… homeschooling is becoming ever popular.

But how do you even get started with homeschooling?

If you are not a teacher yourself, you may not have the resources, the ideas, workbooks, or activities and tools that you need to homeschool your children.

This is where we come in useful!

Here at SuzyHomeschooler.com, we are (as you can guess) all about homeschooling!

Whether you are unsure whether to try it for yourself, or you are looking for the best resources and articles to help you give your children the best education possible, we can provide them for you.

Whether you have young children, and you want to teach sensory skills, introduce motor activities, or you have a pre-teen that you want to get accustomed to STEM activities, we have it all for you.

From sensory play ideas to printable guides for your children, Suzy Homeschooler has everything you could think of to help you homeschool your children.

If you want to try science experiments, study guides, find out which STEM toys you should buy your children, or even teach your kids about coding- you can do it all without a traditional school environment.

There’s no limits to what you can teach your kids with Suzy Homeschooler on your side.

To meet the faces behind SuzyHomeschooler.com, head to our Meet The Team page.

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