Building Words With Lego Bricks

It can be challenging to find fun new ways to help your kids understand literacy. So, we’ve found some interesting ways to help your child learn. Inspired by Filth Wizardry, we’ve been looking at how your kids can build words with Lego bricks and learn how to spell and read different words. 

Building Words with Lego Bricks

First, we’ll talk about what we read on Filth Wizardry to help understand how we took inspiration to make this same lesson work for younger kids. So, let’s take a closer look at how you can help your kids learn how to read and write better with Lego(see also: LEGOs).

Words On Duplo Bricks

While looking for fun ways to help children learn to read and write, we found a great method from Filth Wizardry. As her kids grew older, she noticed they were using their Duplo less often and preferred the smaller bricks.

Inspiration struck when she realized they could still use their Duplo as they grew older and repurposed them

One night she sat down and placed white stickers with a number of easy words on different sizes of Duplo bricks. Some of the bricks have opposite words on each side, while others have words that complement one another. This allowed more space for more words and a way to ensure each block was used successfully.

Using these blocks, kids can learn how each word relates to each other, and they can even make their own stories by sticking blocks together. Seeing this, we were quickly inspired.

Spelling With Lego Bricks

On Filth Wizardry, she also spoke about how she would put smaller blocks with individual letters on for her younger daughter. However, there were some things that we could change.

We would put each individual letter on each brick and would change the color of the vowels to show that they were special letters.

Instead of writing each word individually, we thought it was best to use individual stickers that already had each letter on them. That way, if you have poor handwriting, you can rest assured that all the letters will appear as they should.

We even mixed up lower and uppercase letters so that way they could learn more about nouns and when words need capitalization.

It’s a great way to teach children about phonics and spelling, and they can still build things too. 

Why Building Words With Lego Bricks Helps Literacy

While teaching kids how to spell by having them write out words is a good way to help them learn to write, it’s not always the most exciting way. By using Lego, kids can learn how to spell by putting blocks together.

It’s like a puzzle for them, and it can be a great way to teach them how to sound out and spell each individual word.

Your kids will learn when it’s best to capitalize each letter, and then you can build up to them learning different words. As they progress, you could show them how to build simple sentences. They will learn different words in no time at all. 

Other Ways To Learn Words With Legos

Building Words with Lego Bricks

There are also other ways you can build words using Lego, as we have found out from The OT Tool Box. As your kids get older, you can utilize smaller Lego bricks and a building plate to also help them improve their fine motor skills. 

As your children learn how to spell and write certain words, you can use small Lego pieces to spell out different words. Give your child a word to make on a building plate, and you’ll find that they will learn how to shape those words in a way that encourages them to think creatively. 

It offers a fresh way for children to learn how to spell in a way that doesn’t focus on them writing the words down. If you’re looking for a way to teach your children to write new words, we recommend this method. 

The best thing about this method is that you can also use Lego to teach them other subjects. Building plates are perfect to use as a surface to teach your child how to spell or learn numbers. 

A great way to introduce your child to this method is by gently transitioning from large Duplo blocks and shifting into smaller Legos.

All you need are cards with simple words on them, and you’ll find that your child will learn each word by identifying each letter by sight(see also: Sight Word Tree).

How To Put Letters On Your Lego

There are several different ways to put letters on your Lego or Duplo blocks. You can either write each letter on each block with Sharpie or put stickers on each one. You can write on the stickers or on the brick directly.

We recommend using different colors for vowels, so you can choose whether to use a different colored brick or a different color letter.

You should use multiple lowercase and uppercase letters, and you should always have multiple of each letter. After all, you don’t want to accidentally lose any letters or run out of them.


Building words with Lego bricks is a great way to keep your kids entertained while they’re learning (see also: A Dozen Ways To Learn With A Dozen Legos)how to spell and sound out letters and words. It’s a great way to teach your children how to spell, and that also allows them to work on their fine motor skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use Legos For Sight Words?

If you want to teach your child how to identify sight words, we recommend using Duplo bricks. You can start by using a dry-erase marker to identify letters on individual bricks or on whole words on larger bricks.

Can Legos Be Educational?

Legos are a great educational tool that you can use for a wide variety of different subjects. They also help to develop children’s hand-eye coordination and bilateral integration.

They also encourage creativity, so your children can use them for many different subjects and to play with.

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