STEM Saturday: Free Printable Human Heart Fact Valentines

Get your scissors and glue ready because STEM Saturday is back with a heartfelt activity! If you’re tired of the same old Valentine’s Day cards, why not give out some heart facts instead?

STEM Saturday: Free Printable Human Heart Fact Valentines

Our free printable human heart fact Valentine’s card is perfect for spreading love and knowledge at the same time.

Whether you’re a science enthusiast or just want to impress your crush with some medical trivia, today’s Valentine’s idea is sure to make an impact.

So, get ready to learn some fascinating facts about the human heart and spread the love this Valentine’s (see also: STEM Saturday: Free Printable Lungs Facts Valentines)Day with our unique and educational card.

I Heart You

STEM Saturday: Free Printable Human Heart Fact Valentines
STEM Saturday: Free Printable Human Heart Fact Valentines

If you want to showcase your love of science or give a special card to a special someone who loves science, then a “I Heart You” card is the way to go.

This has three versions, all with four fun facts about the human heart (see also: STEM Saturday: Learning About The Human Heart)on the back! And, of course, the image of the heart is not the usual Valentine’s cartoon version. Nope, it’s an anatomically correct heart, perfect for a science enthusiast.

You can choose to download or print this card. All you have to do then is cut along the outer gray lines, fold down the inner gray line, and have your kids (or you) sign their (or your) names on the card.

You could also do what we decide to do and stick a lollipop inside the card with some double-sided sticky tape. An amazing card and a treat inside – win-win! 

If the candy doesn’t appeal to you, maybe a heart-shaped pencil or bracelet with the card will work well. 

Whatever you decide to do with this card, we are sure whoever gets it will love the facts and the thought that went into making it!

Check out our selection of other science fact Valentine’s cards below. From “You’re a Star (Figuratively)” to “You Take My Breath away” with a picture of lungs, we are sure you will find something for your next Valentine’s card!

STEM Saturday: Free Printable Human Heart Fact Valentines

STEM Saturday Explained 

STEM Saturday is an educational program or event designed to encourage and promote Science, (see also: Saturday Science: Vortex)Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education among children and young people.

These programs are typically held on Saturdays, and may be organized by schools, museums, libraries, or other institutions.

The aim of STEM Saturday (see also: A-Z STEM Saturday, I Is For Ichnology)is to provide children with a fun and engaging way to learn about STEM subjects, and to inspire them to pursue careers in these fields.

Activities may include hands-on (see also: Hands-On Reading And Writing Activities With Bees)experiments, demonstrations, and interactive games or challenges.

STEM Saturday (see also: A-Z STEM Saturday, B Is For Building Bridges)programs are often targeted towards elementary and middle school students, but may also be open to high school students or the public.

By offering these programs, organizers hope to foster a love of learning and an appreciation for the importance of STEM (see also: STEM Saturday: Ears And Sound)education in today’s world.

Suzy Anderson
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