24 Fruit Loop Activities

To many, Fruit Loops are simply one of the many sugary cereal options out there. And while they certainly make for a tasty treat on occasion. What else can you do with Fruit Loops? 

25 Fruit Loop Activities

In this guide, we’ll provide you with 24 super creative ways to use Fruit Loops, which will be sure to keep both you and your children entertained for hours on end, all with a simple box of Fruit Loops from the grocery store! 

So, what are you waiting for, let’s get started!

Create A Chemistry Lab!

Allowing your children to experiment with different food items under the guise of it being a chemistry project is always a great way to work the creative side of their minds. 

With a few different bowls, as well as an array of ingredients, such as water, salt, baking soda, vinegar, food dye, and of course, Fruit Loops, there’s no doubt your children will spend hours mixing different combinations! 

Circle Stamps

With just some bottle caps, glue, and some circle-shaped Fruit Loops, you’ll be able to create some unique and interesting-looking circle stamps that can be dipped in paint and stamped to create fun patterns. 

Of course, these stamps don’t last long before they go soggy, but it’s still a great way to make use of Fruit Loops that will explore your child’s creative side. 

Sorting By Color

One way to occupy your child using Fruit Loops is to ask them to sort them all by color. In a standard box of Fruit Loops, there are six different colors, so make sure you provide them with six different bowls for the sorting. 

They’ll be able to have fun figuring out which color of Fruit Loop goes in each bowl, and the result will be super rewarding. 

Color Wheel

If you think that maybe sorting by color is too easy for your child, then why not ask them to create a color wheel instead?

It’s a great way to help your child learn more about color theory and will make good use of the Fruit Loops too. 


If you have a numbers chart to help your child count, then you can use the Fruit Loops in the place of counters, and they’ll make counting up to 100 and beyond even easier! 

Dot To Dot

On a blank piece of paper, place some Fruit Loops in different patterns, and then let your children draw a line from each piece of cereal to another, and see what interesting drawings and patterns come up from it. 

Phonics Practice

If your child is still learning their double O phonics, then why not glue two Fruit Loops to a piece of paper, and write down the common three-letter words that feature a double O phonic, encourage them to pronounce it, and they’ll have them down in no time! 

Fruit Flowers

Again using a bottle cap lid, use different colors of Fruit Loops to create some interesting-looking flower heads.

Homemade Playdough

Homemade playdough is always fun, but adding Fruit Loops to the mixture is a great way to provide some captivating color runs throughout the dough itself is always really fun. 

Character Creation

Using all the colors of Fruit Loops, why not try to recreate the outline of the children’s favorite characters, glue them to a piece of paper, and then they’ll be permanent! 

Edible Necklace

Using a piece of string and some Fruit Loops, you’ll be able to create some cool-looking and edible necklaces. Change up the colors to make fun patterns. 

Estimating Game

Fill up a small jar or tub with some Fruit Loops, and take turns to guess how many Fruit Loops are in there. The winner is the one who gets the closest! 

Fairy Wands

Using some pipe cleaners, a stick, and some Fruit Loops, you’ll be able to fashion yourselves some magic wands to wave around. 

Fruit Loop Toss

Using some smaller and some larger buckets or bowls, why not challenge the children to see whether they can throw their Fruit Loops into the buckets? You can always increase the distance if it’s getting too easy. 


Using the Fruit Loops, you can create graphs on a piece of paper, and ask the children to count how many fruit loops there are in each section. 

Greater Than/Less Than

Get your children used to the < and > signs using this fun game, placing fruit loops on each side of a page and asking them to insert the correct signs!


Draw out a rainbow on a page, and then begin gluing down the Fruit Loops to create a rainbow! The glue will hold it up, so you can display it too. 


Use a ruler to begin measuring different amounts of Fruit Loops, it’s a great way to teach your children to use a ruler! 

Memory Game

With six bottle caps and 6 Fruit Loops, have your children memorize their positions before placing them under bottle caps and have them try to remember where each one was. 

Sensory Bin

In a larger box, fill with Fruit Loops, and include a variety of things such as chopsticks, tongs, cups, party forks, and small containers with holes in, and allow your children to explore the sensory aspect of the Fruit Loops!

Textured Finger Painting

If you want to provide a new sensory experience, try crushing up some Fruit Loops and adding them to the paint before your children finger paint on a blank canvas or piece of paper. 

Pattern Making

Lining up the Fruit Loops in different patterns is always a fun way to use them!

Box Abacus

Using the cereal box, cut out a large square from one of the middle sections, and then stamp a hole on either side five times, thread some string through, and place 10 fruit loops on each one, with different colors on each string, tie the string tightly and you now have your own abacus! 

Eat Them!

Just what they were intended for, after all this playing, why not treat them to some delicious Fruit Loops?

Suzy Anderson
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