7 Reasons Why Children Should Learn Coding

It is hard to believe that just a few decades ago coding was a lot less known than it is today.

7 Reasons Why Children Should Learn Coding

While coding has existed for many years, it is only really with the rise of technology that it has become widely known.

Even with the rise of technology, it is only in the last few years that parents have recognized that this is a skill that could benefit their children.

Some skills have been taught in education for what seems like forever. Skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic have been taught for so many years that it is hard to imagine them ever not being taught.

It is likely that a hundred years down the road, people will be saying the same thing about coding.

As this skill is becoming more widely recognized, more parents are choosing to encourage their children to learn to code(see also: Can Children Learn Coding Without A Computer?).

If you are thinking about this, you might be wondering why this might be a good idea. In this guide, we’re taking a look at 7 reasons why children should learn coding. 

Read on to find out more.

7 Brilliant Reasons Why Children Should Learn To Code

1. It Is Super Fun

The first reason why you should consider introducing your child to coding is simply that it is really fun.

Coding is so much more than just a skill, it is something that you can really get enjoyment out of. That is something that you should always want for your kid. 

There is an immense level of satisfaction that comes with coding that you will never really understand until you have mastered this skill.

When you successfully code something for the first time, that feeling is totally unbeatable. You will have a lot of fun on the journey of programming too. 

While not all children will find coding enjoyable, a lot will. Coding is so unlike any other skill that children are taught in education, and this is what makes it so fun.

It is new and exciting, and really enjoyable to learn. Which is why you should teach your kids to code.

2. It Allows Them To Develop A New Skill

    Another key reason why you should consider allowing your child to learn to code is that it is a new skill.

    Skills are essential for getting through life, and it isn’t until you reach adulthood that you really understand this.

    Allowing your child to learn to code during childhood will allow them to develop a skill that will really help them in adulthood. 

    The great thing about coding as a skill is that it is enjoyable to learn. It doesn’t feel tedious or boring, so your child will get enjoyment out of it immediately.

    Then further down the line, this skill could really prove essential in their career, and they will be thankful that they learned it. 

    Coding is particularly popular among children that don’t typically thrive in an educational setting.

    The laid back approach to learning this skill means that children generally don’t realize they are learning a skill until further down the line. Further down the line, they will thank you for it.

    3. It Opens Doors For The Future

    We have kind of already touched on this, but another key reason why your child should learn to code while they are young is that it opens doors for the future.

    If you think about some of the skills you developed during childhood, you will recognize that they are second nature to you now.

    Things such as reading a book, tying your shoes, and your time’s tables are second nature in adulthood because you learned them during your childhood.

    If your child learns to code during childhood, coding will be second nature to them in adulthood.

    The rise of technology has been massive in recent years, and this isn’t something that is going to slow down.

    As long as there are computers, companies will need computer programmers (a.k.a. coders). So teaching your child to code in their early years could really open up doors in their later years. 

    4. It Will Help Them Develop Other Skills

    Something else that is brilliant about coding as a skill is that it requires you to work on other skills too. So as your child learns to code, (see also: What Is The Best Age For A Child To Learn Coding?)they will also develop other essential life skills. 

    Take problem-solving, for example. Problem-solving is a key skill if you want to be a successful coder.

    A lot of the time coders are dealt with a problem and they have to solve it through coding and programming.

    So, as your child learns to code, they will also be working on their problem-solving skills. The same goes for other skills such as logical thinking and resilience. 

    Developing these skills in childhood is essential for your child to grow into a well-rounded person. So allowing your child to learn to code will allow them to work on lots of other skills that they will carry into adulthood.

    5. It Allows Them To Be Creative

    Creativity isn’t something that you will immediately associate with coding. But coding actually allows your child to be Creative and express this side of themselves 

    When children are young they have imaginations that adults can only dream of. Their worldview is totally different, and it is at this stage that people are their most creative.

    Coding is an excellent skill because it can give children the confidence to be Creative as they build things that are totally their own through coding. 

    As your child is praised for their creativity and encouraged to continue this through coding, this allows them to develop the confidence to be Creative.

    If your child really enjoys coding, then they will likely carry this confidence associated with creating into later life.

    6. It Will Set Them Apart

    Childhood through to the teenage years is the time in which parents can really shape their children into good people.

    Throughout childhood and adolescence, young people are encouraged to develop new skills and achieve qualifications that will set them up for success in the future. That is why your child should learn to code.

    When your child starts to apply for jobs when they are older, they will be competing with a lot of people.

    Ultimately, when a potential employer is looking at potential candidates, they will be looking for someone that stands out.

    Knowing how to code could be the thing that really makes your child stand out from the rest.

    Learning how to code is super fun, and as your child learns this, they will also be setting themselves up for the future.

    That is why childhood is the best time to learn to code (and not only because it is easier to learn new skills as a child). 

    7. Coding Is The Future

    Finally, perhaps the biggest reason why your child should learn to code is that coding is the Future. 

    If you look back on the last 20 years, it is clear to see how much technology has transformed the world.

    As humans, we are interconnected in a way that we have never been before, and that is all down to computer programmers and coders.

    Technology has totally changed society, and it shows no signs of slowing down.  As we said earlier, likely, coding will eventually become a skill that all children are taught.

    So why not get ahead of the curve and teach your child to code now? It really will put them in a good position for the future of technology. 


    In short, there are lots of different reasons why your child should learn to code. Coding is a skill that is unlike any other, and the benefits of developing this skill really are unbeatable. 

    So, if you want to learn a new skill while also developing existing skills and having a lot of fun, coding is a great idea.

    Thanks for reading!

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What Age Is Best For A Child To Learn To Code?

    It is difficult to say exactly what age is best for a child to learn to code.

    However, it is widely accepted that by the age of 7, a child will be ready to start learning basic coding skills. 

    In order to learn to code, your child will need basic knowledge of computers and math.

    By the age of 7, their basic skills in these areas will have developed to a point where they can start learning to code.

    Can I Introduce Coding Earlier?

    While it will generally be impossible for your child to actually learn coding before the age of 7, you can certainly introduce it before then.

    There are lots of toys out there that relate to coding, and these are perfect if you want to introduce coding earlier.

    From as young as 3 years old, there will be suitable toys for your children that will introduce them to the idea of coding.

    So if you want your child to develop this skill, you can certainly introduce it a little earlier through play.

    Suzy Anderson
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