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Suzy Anderson


Hey y’all! My name is Suzy, and I am the founder of I have homeschooled my kids since they were small, and both have gone on to go to college at wonderful schools.

I am so proud of what they have accomplished, and so pleased with myself for giving them the stepping stones that they have needed to go far in life.

My eldest son, Caleb was diagnosed with autism at age 4, so his learning and communication skills were always a little behind. He struggled with things like maintaining eye contact, making friends, and focusing on his education more than other kids in his class.

This also made the school environment much harder for him, as he always felt left out and that he couldn’t catch up. But, many public schools do not have the resources or the time to help one student as much as they need.

I made the decision to homeschool Caleb, and I’m so glad that I did. I could give him the one-on-one attention that he needed, and I knew his routines, when he needed breaks, and he could learn at his own pace. This made things so much easier.

Of course, when my second son came along - I homeschooled him too as they could spend more time together.

When homeschooling, there were less times where Caleb became overwhelmed, and he was able to let me know which subjects he really excelled in.

He always had an interest in science and technology, so we really nurtured that, along with many other subjects.

Today, his wings are soaring - and he is studying computer science at college. That’s not to say he still doesn’t come to me for guidance, which has just made our bond stronger.

I urge anyone I meet to homeschool their kids if they find that school is not the right place for them.

This is what inspired me to create It’s a place where I can share my experiences with others, and offer tools, advice, and guidance to all those in a similar position.

If you want to get started on your homeschooling journey with your children, then join me today!

Marc Johnson


Hey, my name is Marc! I worked as a high school science teacher my whole career, and have recently left and become an online tutor and writer for

I loved working in a school, but one of the biggest challenges that teachers face is the lack of funding, and the overwhelming workload.

I understand that some kids need more time, and learn at their own speed, but it was so frustrating not being able to give this to everyone. That’s one of the main reasons I left my school, and started my own business as a Tutor.

That way, I could offer students and parents the guidance they required to pass their tests, expand their knowledge, and become science geeks like me!

Here at SuzyHomeschooler, I can offer you the printables, workbooks and resources that I use myself for my tutoring students.

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to teach kids, so trust me when I say I can offer the best advice and support that you could need.

I only hope that you can find everything you’re looking for for your homeschooling experience, but be sure to reach out if there are any questions! 


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