Playing With Legos In The Bathtub

Many children dread boring bath time but there are a few ways to make their regular cleaning routine something they can look forward to.

Playing With Legos In The Bathtub

Offering toys, such as Legos, can be the best bath time activity. But playing with Legos in the bathtub also has its challenges. Parents need to watch their toddlers, so the small pieces don’t become a choking hazard.

In this practical guide, we explain why playing with Legos during bath time helps your child’s development and how you can create Lego fun time in the bathroom that’s engaging and safe for your child.

Can Children Use Legos As Toys In The Bath?

Yes, Legos are made from ABS plastic that is light enough to float in the water. The majority of Lego pieces are safe to use in the pool or the bath. You can simply wash them off after bath time and allow them to dry.

However, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you allow your child to play with Legos and other toys in the bathtub.

There are some Lego pieces that aren’t designed for going into the water. These include any pieces with motors, electrical elements, metal components, stickers or pneumatic pistons.

Basic Lego stones are the best pieces to use for bath time. Some Duplo items can also go into the water without causing any problems.

Why Play With Lego In The Bath?

There are a number of benefits that children who play with Legos in the bath can enjoy. Play is not just plenty of fun but it also activates a child’s brain.

Playing with Legos nurtures children’s brain development. It improves their hand-eye coordination, motor skills and encourages them to learn (see also: Using Balls For Gross Motor Summer Learning)new skills.

Many toys, such as Legos, are designed to educate toddlers and young kids a variety of skills, such as persistence and problem-solving.

Playing with Legos also allows children to feel a sense of accomplishment after putting all the pieces together.

But one of the biggest advantages of providing Legos during bath time is that parents can turn what is usually a chore for children into a fun activity. This can help kids who don’t enjoy bath time adapt to the water and create a routine.

How To Create A Safe Bath Time With Legos For Kids

When it comes to providing Legos and other toys to your children to play with in the bath, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Choose The Right Lego Pieces

Not all Lego pieces can be submerged in water. While Legos are generally made from safe plastics, you should only provide simple pieces.

Lego items, such as motors, pistons, electrical devices or Legos with stickers, usually don’t dry well and water could potentially damage the pieces.

The best Lego pieces that you can use for your child’s bathtub time are Lego stones or specifically-designed items for the bath like Duplo bath toys.

Set Up The Bath

Once you gathered all the Legos, it’s time to set up your bathtub with everything your child needs. Keep in mind that bathing isn’t just a playtime activity but also part of a child’s cleaning routine.

Put some water into the bathtub first and then put your child into the water. You can then give her or him the different Lego pieces to play.

Play With Your Child

While many children happily play on their own with Legos, it’s a fantastic bonding opportunity for you and your little one. You can build boats, trains, cars, little animals or anything you like together.

This also gives you the chance to watch your child closely to ensure that the Lego (see also: LEGOs)pieces don’t end up where they shouldn’t.

Add More Warm Water If Needed

Playing with Legos is so much fun for children that they usually end up staying in the bath for much longer than normal.

This means that the water will get cold after a while, so make sure that you regularly check the water and add more warm water if needed.

It is also a good idea to keep the room temperature a little warmer to ensure that your little one doesn’t get cold while playing.

Rinse And Dry The Lego Pieces

After bath time, you will need to remove all the Legos, rinse them under clean water and place them on a large towel to dry out.

Give them a proper shake, so all the water comes out of the crevices. It takes around 24 hours for the pieces to dry.

Is There A Minimum Age When A Child Can Play With Legos In The Bath?

Generally, there is no minimum age for children who want to play with Lego. However, you need to choose the right type of Lego suitable for your child’s age.

Babies and young children should only play with Duplo because the pieces are much larger and less of a choking hazard.

This being said, children of all ages should be carefully supervised when they play with toys in the bathtub, especially when playing with Legos is a new activity.

Make sure that your child doesn’t try to put any of the pieces into his or her mouth or nose.

It is also a good idea to play together with your child and create small challenges, such as building a floating boat or a Lego (see also: Building Words With Lego Bricks)animal. 

This allows you to watch your child and it also helps you create a bond with your little one.

How Long Can A Child Play With Legos In The Bathtub?

There is no minimum or maximum amount of time that a child can play with toys in the bath. Children who are enjoying their bath time usually want to spend much longer in the bath.

Just keep in mind that a child’s skin can wrinkle and dry out when he or she is in the water for too long.

Final Thoughts

Playing with Legos in the bathtub isn’t just a fun activity for children but it also helps children to create a bath time routine.

Suzy Anderson
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