What Is The Best Age For A Child To Learn Coding?

Coding is a skill that is becoming increasingly popular. With the rise of technology, coding is a skill that is creeping into more and more jobs, and so it is one that you might be eager for your children to learn.

What Is The Best Age For A Child To Learn Coding?

After all, you never know when it is going to come in handy. 

As coding is a relatively new skill, you might be unsure about when to introduce this skill to your children.

Unlike other skills that have been around for centuries, such as reading and writing, there really isn’t a rule book for coding. That is why it can be so tricky to know when to get your children started. 

Generally, a lot of people agree that it is a good idea to introduce your children to coding after they have already developed some technological skills.

These skills will come at different ages to different children, which is why it is difficult to give an exact age. 

In this guide, we’re taking a look at what the best age is for a child to learn to code. Read on to find out more. 

What Is Coding?

First things first, let’s take a look at what coding is. Coding is a skill that has become incredibly popular in recent years.

It is a skill that has only really existed for the last couple of decades as computer technology has really advanced, but it is a skill that more and more people are learning. 

Coding is a skill that is also referred to as computer programming, as that is essentially what coding is. Coding is the art of performing particular computations in order to get computers to operate in a specific way.

It can include things such as designing programs, analyzing performance, generating algorithms, and lots more. 

Like all skills, coding is a skill that comes at many different levels. There is beginner coding, and once you master beginner coding, you can then develop your skills and improve them until you become more advanced.

There are lots of different careers that include coding, hence why this is a skill that a lot of people are starting to develop. 

That is also the main reason why a lot of parents are interested in getting their children to learn basic coding early on in life. As technology continues to develop, more and more roles will start to include coding.

So it makes sense for children to learn these skills early in life. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what the best age for a child to learn to code is. 

What Is The Best Age For A Child To Learn Coding?

Now that we’ve taken a look at exactly what coding is, let’s take a look at what the best age is for a child to learn to code. While coding can be incredibly difficult, beginner coding isn’t actually too difficult.

If it is taught to children early on in life, then that can really give them the base skills to develop later on in life if they want to. 

As coding has become more popular, a lot of parents have chosen for their children to develop beginner skills in coding in the same way that they would want their children to learn to read and write.

But as this skill is still new, it is difficult to know what age is the best to begin teaching your children these skills. 

Generally, a lot of people have agreed that 7 years of age is the perfect age for children to start learning to code(see also: Can Children Learn Coding Without A Computer?). At this age, most children will have developed basic skills when it comes to computers.

These skills will be essential in order for your child to learn to code, so they must have these skills in order to start coding. 

So, as long as your child already has basic computer skills, by the age of 7 they will be ready to start learning to code. 

Why Should Children Learn Coding?

What Is The Best Age For A Child To Learn Coding?

Finally, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why children should learn coding(see also: 7 Reasons Why Children Should Learn Coding).

You might still be on the fence about your children learning to code, simply because it is such a new skill. However, there really is no reason why your kids shouldn’t learn this kill. 

In fact, there are actually a lot of reasons why your child should learn to code. Including the following.

It Is Fun

The main reason why your children should learn to code is that it is fun.

Coding might seem boring from the outside, but as soon as you start learning to code, you will have your eyes opened to just how fun it really is. 

There is something about coding that is just incredibly satisfying. When you successfully code a program, there is no feeling quite like it.

So your children should learn to code simply because they might enjoy it.

It Gives Your Children A Competitive Advantage

Another reason why you should consider teaching your children to code is that it gives them a competitive advantage. 

While coding is becoming increasingly popular, it still isn’t a widely known skill.

So teaching your children to code from when they are young will give them a competitive advantage later in life.

It Opens Doors

So many industries now include technology, and with every single technology business, there will be more and more jobs opening up involving coding. 

If your child learns to code when they are young, then they will have a lot of doors opened to them later in life.

It is a skill that could allow them to achieve a job that they never even thought they’d be interested in.

So, teaching your child to code can give them lots of opportunities later on in life. 


In short, it can be difficult to know when to introduce coding to your children.

They need to be past a certain age in order to understand how to use computers, but not too old that learning a new skill becomes difficult.

Generally, most people agree that this is around 7 years of age. 

So, if you want to introduce your child to coding, it is a great idea to do this around their 7th birthday.

At this age, they will be able to learn basic coding skills, and this will set them up to develop these skills later in their life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Is Too Young To Learn Coding?

Generally, we would say anything below 7 years of age is too young to learn to code.

Before this age, most children will not have the computer skills necessary to learn to code, so this will prevent them from being able to develop this skill.

So if your child is 6 years old, or younger, this is likely too young to learn to code.

Can I Introduce Coding At The Age Of 3?

While your 3-year-old will not be able to learn to code, you will be able to introduce the idea of coding at this age.

There are lots of fun toys and games for 3 years old that will be great stepping stones into the world of coding.

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